crt monitor / camcorder / 2015

A pulsating vortex of swirling cosmic gas, perhaps at the gravesite of an once enormous star; a tunnel of elongated colour launching you into the reaches of space. Nearly every film set in distant space takes the opportunity to romanticize the wormhole encounter, an encounter that despite its popularity is, sadly, purely hypothetical. The mere possibility of a portal, which bends the fabric of space and time has been enough to captivate generations of science fiction writers, directors, and visual effects wizards. Without any hard science to draw on, artists have been granted near total freedom to depict these strange cosmic sinkholes. 'Warp Hole' is an entirely unscientific simulation of what a wormhole could be. Created through live analog video feedback, Warp Hole generates a dynamic, evolving, image. Throughout the duration of the exhibition, the patterns of light will be burned into the television screens, picked up by the camera, and reincorporated into the feedback, continually swelling the vortex of colour and light. Scored by a light reactive pulsing drone created by Ernie Dulanowsky. Warp Hole provides an immersive and unfounded simulation of science fiction's favourite affectation.

Warp Hole was a window front exhibition for Pop Up Downtown 2015 / Regina SK.