Colby Richardson is a media artist and experimental filmmaker currently based in Winnipeg MB, Canada. Driven by a fascination with underused media technologies and by the way we interact with and value the technology at our disposal, Richardson’s work examines the artistic capabilities of tools and devices often unconsidered and dismissed.



x1 iPad / x1 iPhone / x1 lazy susan / x1 Elmo / mobile hotspot

A/V Performance

Smear is a performance for light and sound which uses finger grease and accidental pocket recordings to animate and transform the idiosyncrasies of smart devices and their pitfalls.

DE / GEN was created during the Scott Leroux Fund for Media Arts Exploration Artist Residency at Videopool Media Arts Centre.

WATCH: Smear - Excerpts

1: Smear at The Output (Video Media Arts Centre, Winnipeg MB) 2019 

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