Colby Richardson is a media artist and experimental filmmaker currently based in Toronto ON, Canada. Driven by a fascination with underused media technologies and by the way we interact with and value the technology at our disposal, Richardson’s work examines the artistic capabilities of tools and devices often unconsidered and dismissed.



Portal Voyager

crt television / glass vase / speaker stands / disassembled office chair / vcr / rf headphones / video>as>audio
2 hour vhs loop

Interactive Video Sculpture


Above: Documentation from Portal Voyager at Video Pool Media Arts Centre for ‘Revisions’ group show as part of the New Artists in Media Art Fund. August 2017.
Portal Voyager is a meditation on technological progress, which uses obsolete consumer electronics and low-tech optics, to simulate the act of traveling through a wormhole. Depicted in countless stories of high-tech future societies, portals are able to bend space and time, to allow quick and seamless travel between distant worlds. Portal Voyager portrays the moment between those worlds.

The path of technological progress is a path without a destination; each new technology is made obsolete by its successor. In an attempt to comment on this cycle of perpetual advancement, portal voyager confronts the viewer with a wormhole devoid of a destination. a continual, never-ending advancement, which creates an ironic state of inertia.

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