crt monitor / media player -- camcorder
installation / 2016 - present

Innervision is an ongoing project utilizing a variety of crt monitors in various arrangments with monitor-specific video works portraying the introspective afterlife of the cathode ray tube television. A gradual, perpetual zoom contrasts the notion of infinity with the shockingly finite existence of relatively recent technologies, such as the CRT television. With no television broadcasts left to receive, and having outlived their usefulness to consumer society, these aging television sets have nowhere else to turn but inwards.  

1. Top Left & Top Right:
Innervision at Neutral Ground Artist Run Centre, Regina SK, 2018

2. Bottom Left:
Innervision as part of ‘Futures’ a touring show put together by the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils and AKA Artist Run Centre. 

3. Middle Right and Middle Bottom:

Innervision at The White Page gallery, Minneapolis, MN, 2017