Colby Richardson is a media artist and experimental filmmaker currently based in Toronto ON, Canada. Driven by a fascination with underused media technologies and by the way we interact with and value the technology at our disposal, Richardson’s work examines the artistic capabilities of tools and devices often unconsidered and dismissed.



Infinity Rift

crt monitor / two way mirror / mdf / vcr / vhs cassette / video>as>audio / 2 hour vhs loop

Interactive Video Sculpture

Infinity Rift is a contemplation on the contemplation of infinity. A glimpse of an infinite, alien, realm is simultaneously revealed and restricted within a contained finite cube.

Infinity Rift is Created through the use of a CRT monitor, and a cube of two-way mirrors to create a small, hologram like chamber. Peering into the sides allows the viewer to see the video work repeatedly reflecting between the panes of glass. Submerging your head inside gives a full periphery view of the video work.

The Audio is created entirely by the video signal; the video output of the vcr is redirected to the audio input of the television.

Above: Infinity Rift at the BAM Art Projects for ‘Experience Regina’ group show. Saskatoon, SK. 2015

Right: Infinity Rift at Forthwith Experimental Art Festival. Winnipeg, MB. 2018

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