crt monitor / two way mirror / mdf / vcr / vhs cassette / video>as>audio / 2 hour loop / video-sculpture / 2015

Infinity Rift is a contemplation on the contemplation of infinity. A glimpse of an infinite, alien, realm is simultaneously  revealed and restricted within a contained finite cube.

Infinity Rift is Created through the use of a CRT monitor, and a cube of two-way mirrors to create a small, hologram like chamber. Peering into the sides allows the viewer to see the video work repeatedly reflecting between the panes of glass. Submerging your head inside gives a full periphery view of the video work.

The Audio is created entirely by the video signal; the video output of the vcr is redirected to the audio input of the television.

1. Top Left & Bottom Left:

Infinity Rift at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery (SAAG) for Electric Eye Music Festval. Lethbridge, AB. 2016.

2. Top Right & Middle Left:

Infinity Rift at the BAM Art Projects for ‘Experience Regina’ group show. Saskatoon, SK. 2015

1. Bottom Right:

Infinity Rift at Forthwith Experimental Art Festival. Winnipeg, MB. 2018