x3 video projectors / x3 speakers / x3 iMac / Microsoft PowerPoint / 20 min / 3-channel video + audio / performance / 2019

Composition for Powerpoint is a 3-channel expanded cinema performance which uses Microsoft PowerPoint to animate both light and sound. At times playful, at times self-referencing, and at times brutally structuralist, Richardson aims to re-examine the familiar motifs of a PowerPoint presentation as a catalyst for new experimental animation. Utilizing slide transitions, text, and cursors as building blocks to construct video sequences. Troubleshooting becomes performance, as commonplace technical pitfalls are glorified and re-examined as formal opportunities. With Composition for PowerPoint, Richardson’s approach to reappropriating analog video editing systems, is lifted from the nostalgia of the video-era, and placed within the familiarity of the ubiquitous Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

1. Documentation from Composition for PowerPoint at Gimli Film Festival, 2019