Colby Richardson is a media artist and experimental filmmaker currently based in Toronto ON, Canada. Driven by a fascination with underused media technologies and by the way we interact with and value the technology at our disposal, Richardson’s work examines the artistic capabilities of tools and devices often unconsidered and dismissed.




vhf video transmitters / modified crt monitors / two way mirror / wood
edition of 3

Installation / Video Sculpture


Channelers' is a series of video-sculptures that act as a medium between the living observer and the dead radio waves left behind by the abandonment of analog television broadcasting.
Once popular portable television sets have been modified into curious, altar like, structures resembling both ancient temples and esoteric radio towers.
Each sculpture receives a local transmission of a standard test pattern once used by broadcasters. As the viewer walks amongst the sculptures, the presence of their body acts as an additional antenna, warping and transforming the test pattern on the screens.
By offering a direct line of communication between the observer and the invisible radio waves around them, Channelers seeks to reveal our affect on the electromagnetic spectrum as a eerily mystical, spiritual force.

Above: Channelers at Flux Gallery, Winnipeg, MB. April 2017.

Right: Video documentation of  Channelers at Flux Gallery, Winnipeg, MB. April 2017.

Below: A Response to 'Channelers' by Beth Schellenberg

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